Our People

Our Staff 

Barb Wallace, Executive Director  
905.830-0776 ext. 302
barb [at] girlsincyork.org

Jessica Holmes, Program Administrator
905.830.0776 ext. 307
jessica [at] girlsincyork.org
Emmanuelle Delisle, Program Coordinator
905.830.0776 ext. 309
emmanuelle [at] girlsincyork.org
Sarah Ayres, Youth Coordinator
905.830.0776 ext. 303
saraha [at] girlsincyork.org
Our Board  
Karian Guimond, Chair
Ashley Szakal, Vice Chair
Rebecca Boyd, Secretary
Amy Hale, Treasurer
Heather Bull Senay, Director
Lisa Conlan, Director
Robine Hawkes, Director
Nicole Casciato, Director
Lori Richards, Director
Lorna Soehner, Director
Christina Harding, Director
Amanda Marrone, Director
Michelle Cruikashank, Director
If you are interested in joining our amazing Board of Directors please download and complete the Board of Directors Application and send it to: board [at] girlsincyork.org